Global Consumer Public Company Limited

Global consumers public company is a food conglomerate that believes in nourishing food that is sustainable and friendly to the planet, animals and communities.  We believe that good food is both healthy and nutritious yet respects the boundaries of future resources for next generations. At Global consumers, quality is of utmost importance as our sourcing of ingredients is second to none, coupled with research and development to provide health solutions to make a difference in people’s lives. We believe in a world where access to food should be readily available to all and promote healthy nutritious food to the mass market at affordable prices without the expense of the planet.  Hence in all our operations, Global consumers focuses awareness on sustainable sourcing with as much kindness to the planet and all its beings.

Frozen processed food and ready-to-eat food business

Has been in the frozen food business for more than 10 years, including processed seafood and ready-to-eat food products which this business is an agent producing products for large customers such as 7-11 Makro Lotus's and Big C

Internationally trusted dried fruit business It is a major manufacturer with global exports including North America, Europe and Asia, and has developed its own brand under the name Viiva.

A new business unit under the cooperation between Global Consumer Company Limited and Pong-Sara Group for production and development under the brand. "Look Chin Thip" is a product that responds to consumer values.

Business of manufacturing and distributing various types of packaging

Flexible Packaging is a packaging made from film, foil and paper, molded from a variety of materials. to achieve the desired properties such as strength, heat resistance maintains temperature acid or alkali resistance and high pressure

For packing drinking water and vegetable oil

Food packaging tray to be used for packing various types of consumer products especially in the food industry.

Trading (Innovation production and development business)

Glocon International Public Company Limited is a business unit engaged in the production and development of innovative Frozen Ready Meals/ Frozen Plant-Based Ready Meals including Kitchen Plus Classic Kitchen Plus Plant-Based Hemp Products, Viiva. Products already sold in leading department stores and exported to North America, Europe and Asia.

Own brand dried fruit

Ready-to-eat chilled food Simple, delicious, can be eaten with every meal, can be stored for 2 years, 100% plant protein, no meat, high protein, a source of dietary fiber. no cholesterol

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