kitchen Plus Plant Based

Our Business Principles

Kitchen Plus Plant Based makes menus for those who love health, save the world and is a new alternative menu for those who do not eat meat. The selling point of Kitchen Plus Plant Based is ready-to-eat food. There are many menus to choose from, delicious taste, authentic Thai style, created by professional chefs. Which our products meet the trend of people who love health, the environment, looking for a balance in work life and living happily in a sustainable way.


Kitchen Plus would like to be part of the choice to keep everyone healthy. Focus on the environment in reducing meat consumption Along with reducing carbon emissions and inviting you to join the Kitchen Plus Plant base family together.


The leader in the production of plant-based ready-to-eat food, good taste, environmental protection. international quality.


From the trend of world consumption We value the environment by supporting these things:

  • reduce meat consumption in order to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Produce food that maintains the taste of food that is still delicious in the form of Thai food that everyone is familiar with.
  • Promote good health such as weight control Cholesterol Treatment including health care.

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