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Kitchen Plus

Kitchen Plus Plant Based makes menus for those who love health, save the world and is a new alternative menu for those who do not eat meat. The selling point of Kitchen Plus Plant Based is ready-to-eat food. There are many menus to choose from, delicious taste, authentic Thai style, created by professional chefs. Which our products meet the trend of people who love health, the environment, looking for a balance in work life and living happily in a sustainable way.

  • Holy Basil Rice

  • Fried Larb with Rice

  • Kua Kling Rice

  • Stir Fried Basil Noodles with Minced Pork

  • Spring rolls

  • Spicy Glass Noodle Salad

It is 100% plant-based meat as a source of dietary fiber, no cholesterol.   Reduce the risk of developing various diseases 100% full of nutrients, spicy taste, authentic Thai style, like having a chef to cook fresh food as it is ready-to-eat food. who love health, love the world.


The beginning of the brand Viiva, dried fruits that have been carefully selected. It's like eating fresh fruit from the tree  and want to raise the level of Thai fruit that is famous all over the world to be processed into dried fruits that Thais and foreigners love to become premium items. They also want to meet the needs of people who love health. like to eat fruit regularly love eating Thai desserts or like to eat sweets as a soul

We therefore realize the importance of this group of people and came up with this product to provide value and meet the needs of consumers. We believe that every bite must be delicious. The health benefits of Viiva dried fruit ingredients are low in sugar resulting in a long life which corresponds to the brand name Viiva, which means "Long life"

In addition to the brand Viiva, dried fruits provide value in delicious taste and has health benefits Most importantly, we want our consumers to be happy with every bite. Full of love and memories, this Viiva brand of dried fruit snacks can be conveyed by yourself or as a souvenir to you and your loved ones.

Lookchin Tip

Slogan : Look Chin Tip meatballs are constantly evolving. To be one in your heart for a long time

Look Chin Tip, a new business unit under the cooperation between Global Consumer Public Co., Ltd. with Pong-Sara Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Pong-Sara Group for the production and development of products under the brand " Look Chin Tip " is a product that meets the needs of consumers.

  • The main ingredients are quality fresh meat.
  • Free from preservatives and borax.
  • Fresh produce everyday
  • Currently, there is a production rate of more than 6 hundred thousand new skewers per day.

Secret recipe sauce 

Differently delicious with a variety of ingredients that blend perfectly together. Simmer until cooked and seasoned to give a rich, mellow flavor.

  • Grilled Pork Balls
  • Pork Meatballs with Noodles
  • Pork Tendon Meatballs
  • Brand's special sauce

At present, there is a high standard product transportation system under the control of GPS system, delivering and distributing products throughout Thailand. with a delivery vehicle that covers all areas to meet the company's policy "Tip meatballs Easy to sell anywhere Delivery to all regions"

  • Car Food Truck Look Chin Tip Retail (Kiosk)
  • More than 400 booths selling products in leading department stores.
  • Kiosk, Meatballs, Tip with 3 options Package Wholesale
  • Valued > 2000 cases nationwide, including buying Kiosk delivering Tip meatball products to affiliated customers.
  • Shop selling meatballs Modern Trade
  • They are available at Big C, Makro and 7-11, as well as more than 400 stores across the country under the management of Global Consumer Public Company Limited

jointly with Look Chin Tip to develop a brand of meatballs in the direction of food development for sustainability to grow in the future with the following goals

  1. to upgrade products to premium products such as Plant-Based Tip Meatballs, Plant Based Sausages, and new menus from Hemp innovations.
  2. to develop into a Retail (Kiosk) selling kiosks for more than 400 stores in department stores.
  3. To develop into Wholesale with a value of > 2000 cases across the country as well as buying kiosk and delivering products to customers in the group
  4. to develop into Modern Trade and is now available at Big C, Makro and 7-11, including more than 400 stores across the country. Under the management of Global Consumer Public Company Limited

Meatballs brand is another business unit of Global Consumer that the company expects to grow rapidly and be profitable from the development of the product of Look Chin Tip to be accepted internationally

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