the Responsible Food Company. the Responsible Food Company. the Responsible Food Company.

About us

Global Consumer Public Company Limited is a food conglomerate that believes in nourishing food that is sustainable and friendly to the planet, animals and communities. We believe that good food is both healthy and nutritious yet respects the boundaries of future resources for next generations.

At Global Consumer, quality is of utmost importance as our sourcing of ingredients is second to none, coupled with research and development to provide health solutions to make a difference in people’s lives.

Frozen Food/ Frozen Ready Meals

Chilled Food

Plant Based Food

Dried Fruits

Core Business

Global Consumer Public Company Limited consists of 3 main business groups

  1. Frozen processed food and ready-to-eat food business
  2. Business of manufacturing and distributing various types of packaging
  3. Production and Innovation Business



Processed Food/ Lookchin Tip

Hemp Food

our brands our brands

Sustainability Sustainability

Global Consumer Public Company Limited focuses on developing food innovations under the mission of sustainability. through a careful production process in the environment to provide quality products that meet the needs of sustainable living.

Investor Relations Investor Relations

Investor relations are part of communicating information to the public to create a clear and precise understanding and beneficial to investors at the same time Investors can use the Investor Relations channel to learn more about the company.

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