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Our business principles

The Company’s business principles are at the heart of the Company reflects the fundamental concept of fairness honesty and concern for individuals and families, communities, and the planet. but also guides our actions. Even if the law is more lenient or in the absence of any applicable law. Compliance is more than just keeping a checklist. It takes uncompromising principles that apply to the entire company and provide clear guidelines for all employees.


from the origin of small intentions to meet everyone’s great happiness We therefore constantly innovate and develop. To become one of the plastic packaging industry in the future


Become a leader in the plastic packaging industry by continually focusing on the creation and development of excellence in product quality to meet the needs of various customers Ready to create sustainability for the plastic industry and the organization in the future.


  • Committed to improving packaging quality To have innovation in production Equivalent to international standards to create packaging that can meet
  • Respect for creative competition and full of transparency and ethics
    Build good relationship with partners and business alliances.
  • Participate in fair business Treat each other with respect to build trust. and become a long-term business partner
  • Develop the company to be a learning organization To continuously improve the quality of personnel at all levels in terms of skills, knowledge, expertise and work ethics
  • Uphold the importance of shareholder benefits in terms of operating results or risk management both short term and long term for continuous good corporate governance
  • Adhering to being a good organization of society strictly respect the laws related to business to support the economic growth of the country and join social development together

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